The Show - Full comic

This is a passion project. Here is a short little thing I made.

"Karen has been "fucked over by a younger secretary". Her promotion's out the roof. The golden ticket didn't get her very excited, but the moment she walked in, she knew what she wanted to do." -N.5

"Naomi was pissed at her husband a lot. The kids were a total mess and she was going to spend the evening reading a good novel." That's it. That's all she wrote. - N.5

"Diana has gotten riled up by a guy in the office that is pushing and pulling without showing commitment. She says she's glad the ticket will help her, and-oh...there's a note! Oh...Diana would like a private meeting with me regarding the admission process for The Hive! This is quite a victory for us here at Research and Development."

Lance and Tristan have been dating for a while, and as soon as the opportunity came by, Lance chose to bring her over to spend the night there. It might be the first couple that joins the Hive willing- I mean, with visible excitement. - N.5

Marta is going to take a shower and, she says, "watch dragons fall out of the skies for poor reasons." I am afraid as part of a somewhat reclusive society I am not aware of what that means. Nonetheless, her lack of interest proved beneficial for the volunteer on the other side, as he could pick what the setting would be for himself, at the cost of his softest spot under his soles. Unfortunately, it seems Marta got bored of "Ice Kings" and "Dragons" quickly enough to shift her interest towards the volunteer's worst spot.


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