January 2021 Patreon pack teaser

Here it is!

Contains lots of tickling, and lots of climaxing.

As per usual top tier patrons get it sooner, and get an animation on top of it.

The animation is a bit "more" than what I usually do...I've been inspired by some artists that tend to draw huge dicks, so here we are. Oops spoilers!

The fun technical thing about it though, is that parts of it are hand drawn (as in frame by frame), as a test to figure out how much hand drawn I can implement in future animations.

The answer is, it's doable for now. I still can't bring myself to animate fluids, it just takes heaps, and a bit more skill than I possess at that, too.

It's a short and sweet lil pack. I hope you like it.

From February on, the packs will be back to how they usually are, though I will poll patrons about this pack and test the waters nonetheless.

Find it here!

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