December 2020 Patreon Pack Teaser!


- The Hive

- Midna and Zelda (Zelda)

- Ed and Winry (Full Metal Alchemist)

- Sophie, Quistis, Squall on Edea (Final Fantasy 8 Choose Your Own Adventure Project)

- Rey and Dark Rey (Star Wars)

This month, the top tier patrons financed the first 50 seconds long video with voice acting I've ever made. I felt I wanted to spread a bit of the generosity. We could all use some nice in this dreaded 2020. It'll be made public, as the teaser says, on the 15th of December, on video-streaming channels that accept this kind of content, if you catch my drift. Some order in my life has brought productivity that'll show you some new stuff coming up in 2021. Mostly benched projects coming to completion. And at the benefit of top tier patrons, which will either receive these projects for free, or at a discount, to make up for the animation reaching everyone this month, and not just them.

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