Commissions officially OPEN!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I could use some. Here are the terms! - Base fee: 150 $  (Black and white, 100$) - Price per character: 75 $  (Black and white, 50$) - Private commission fee: 100$

+ 10$ for PayPal invoice fees. This is just to share the fee that goes to PayPal with me.

There's a discount of 10% on the commission for anyone with a lifetime pledge of 30$ or over (I'd need simple proof of that). - Floating feathers/hands/mechanical brushes/whatever, unless you're asking for 20 of them from a million different angles, are free - Closeups price depends on what you want to put in them so that needs to be discussed. Every commission is different in its own special way so I might have to bring the price up (or down!) depending on what it entails.  

DONT'S:   Watersports, guro, scat, loli/shota*, stuff like clouds of smell/farts, and if I'm not up for doing it even though it's not on this list, I still have the right to turn the idea down.   I'm down to discuss on Discord if you want a bit of my input on your idea, but it needs to be short and sweet, I love to talk about these things, believe me I do, but unfortunately talking doesn't pay the bills. If a commission is similar enough to what my Patreon account usually shows, then I'll ask you if you're ok with me putting it on Patreon. If so, I'll shave off 50$ of it, for the hassle. Write me wherever you can, and I'll redirect our discussion to Discord or email. *A character like Midna from Zelda, for instance, would be ok: she may look like a child but her attitude and intelligence don't mirror her stature and body type. Have a good day wherever you are, and stay safe. PB

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