Annabelle Wright character sheet

"A savvy online entrepreneur who runs the popular blog/news source "The Wright Way", Annabelle Wright has a fire for the news inspired by the stylings of Hunter S. Thompson and the relentlessness of TMZ. Whether its tracking down leads or taking on stories that not even VICE would tackle, the young firebrand is driven by her desire to report on the REAL truth, not the crap you're being fed by the establishment.

Though people have criticized her reporting in the past (haters one and all), she's willing to do anything to get her scoop,because at the end of the day she is true to herself and her website's credo: The truth, your way!"

Here's a character me and CoffeeEmperor conjured up a while ago. I'm quite satisfied about the results.

What could she all be about?!? What could her involvement be?!??!?!??

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