Akemi's test (+ Hive megapost)

She's called Akemi. She's my OC.

She's from China, loves Sprite, and, calligraphy. And becoming part of Staff of a cast away community of fetishist, lowkey sadistic alien species.

Hey you don't choose what you like, do you. She's rolling with it.

Here's also everything that came before Akemi.

Hi! I have some questions about the Hive if you don't mind answering~! So, what exactly do Humans do there? I saw you answered someone's question about how they just do exercise to stay fit and work, while also doing tests. What kind of work do they do exactly, does it involve tickling? Also what tests happen in the Hive for humans? My favorite treatment of yours is Treatment 8, and I'd like to know how exactly a Human would do this treatment, and if they can do it by choice.

There are a lot of tests for humans! Some are classified, some are not. Work does involve tickling when possible. And I’m not keeping that up in the air, I’ve thought about different situations in which tickling proves its functionality in working, and I’ll show it in future pictures :) Not working surely involves measurements as punishment, that involve tickling. Treatment n.8 doesn’t have to be forced on people! That applies for all treatments: if anyone’s interested in being subjected to a treatment, they can have that happening. I hope this answers it correctly, if not, let me know, it’s nice to answer these sort of questions. ------------- 

Last set, for a bit: If a human is having a really really bad time with their Treatments, what does the Hive do about it? I meant to clarify before, when I mentioned a human was disruptive, I didn't mean trying to escape; just being incredibly uncooperative. The Hive clearly mercilessly drains and exhausts the humans there; do the humans have a different diet or sleep in a medical pod or something that restores their energy and health (maybe fed "plasma)? That's all for now! Thank you!

Oh if I recall plasma surely has its importance in the diet. The Science Department has found many different applications on humans but of course, some tests get pretty intense, so yes, The Hive has human metabolism all figured out, and knows how to push boundaries with virtually no setbacks. It’s alien technology/dna, so yeah man, OP stuff. ------------- 

Alright here we go: You mentioned inter-species couples, what does that involve? I thought the Species can't get too close to humans? Are exception made here, or are we talking about different creatures? Are there treatments that specifically feature Protrusions on humans? Are there treatments that specifically feature Blue Controllers or Purple Controllers on humans? If I'm in the Hive, can I ask for a specific type of the "Species" to Treat me? What do does a human's day look like in the Hive?

This is 2-3 years ago so I hope I’m not messing up my own lore of this as it is in my head. If anything, recent events make me want to go back to drawing and writing about this (these questions are surely one of the reasons). If I recall correctly, the Hive people can’t be in communities of humans. It’s about scents and pheromones, don’t ask :)  Treatments involve everyone except The Management, I guess. Nobody knows what’s goin on in the higher floors… The Hive welcomes tests volunteers with arms open wide! The Science Department will take your request very seriously as long as you’re willing to be monitored in a safe environment in return (for science!) and comply for at least 1 more test the Science Department will decide for you.

A normal day is gymming, working for about 2 hours a day (protrusions do most of the work), the rest is recreation and tests. Tests are how you earn food in the Hive. Whatever you do, you’ll be tested once you’re part of the Hive, in whatever way you get to be part of it.  ------------- 

First, to check my own understanding, simply put, the Hive tickles/torments/pleasures Humans as a fulfillment of it's Purpose because the First One "knows" this is what humans really want? Second, do humans volunteer or are they captured and "broken in" or both? Third, do treatments gradually escalate in intensity for humans who dwell in the Hive? Fourth, what happens if humans are fed "Species" plasma? Does this happen? Lastly, are disruptive humans punished with "treatments" or something else?

Hey man, I’m glad you wrote so much stuff in the end. The Hive was passively created by The One by simply being on Earth and shaping its surroundings so they would fit its purpose and view of how things should be. The Alien race has no way of knowing what humans really want, but they believe they do for sure, and that’s all the things I’ve drawn and more :)

Some humans volunteer, some are observed for their innate interests and capabilities from The Hive: a little test is orchestrated from the Hive in the outside world so that The Management can figure out if the people that are being watched have the green light to join the community, in which case they’re simply invited. If they decline and the Hive believes they’re needed, they will be kidnapped, let me be straight with you :)  Treatments are not exclusively for humans, and non linear for sure. They depend on a lot of factors, for instance how long they’ve been in the Hive, or their behavior. I don’t think I have an answer to your 4th question yet, it’s an aspect I haven’t considered, but you can rest assured I will :) Disruptive humans are definitely punished, hell yeah. ------------- 

Hi! I really find your Hive series super interesting. Are you still answering questions and working on it at all? If so, I have a few questions to ask. Thanks!

Hi! I’m still getting back to things here, it’s been a while. I have a whole pdf filled with ideas for the Hive, what’s missing is time and willpower, but I would lie to you if I said the setting is completely abandoned and forgotten. Also it’s mostly about the fact that I’m working on commissions and a couple comics at the moment. Anyway, ask away! 

Classified treatment N.21

For anybody that lost sensitivity. Extreme cases if you ask me, as the science department does wonders about that.

In each tank, one of the results of Treatment 11, which means only 6 tanks. This makes the treatment very confined.

Sending somebody to this treatment even if it’s going to be for just a week is quite rare…seats are hard to find.


What has been conceived to make sure humans (or creatures) do not escape. Nobody stops people leaving The Hive, except for Stone guardians.

The captured one has no way of escaping a single drop of Stone Guardian: once even a drop of it touches your skin, it starts multiplying until it has complete control over your movements.

In a nutshell, Stone guardians stop the person that is trying to escape, force him/her into a position that is both comfortable and very exposing, and then morph into solid matter.

This part demonstrates the pride of The Hive: the Stone Guardian usually carries the individual in one of the most public zones of The Hive (if you’re lucky, the StoneGuardian you get is a loner and likes to stay in remote parts of the hive, so you might stay for even 20 minutes without getting tortured sometimes)

In normal circumstances (plazas, fountains…) everyone can see what happens to people that betray their family, and most importantly, that everyone can join in the Treatment and make it…well, we don’t like the word mindsnapping…all we are going to say is- 100% individuals that attempted to flee, never tried again.

Had a rough day because you’re still not used to your new set of treatments?

Take a walk in the hall, and join in the fun of Treatment n.8.

The people under Stone Guardian’s supervision, as a punishment, hold no right to their own bodies for a whole week, so as long as you’re not harming anybody, feel free to drain them, tickle them senseless, and much more altogether!

Charts show that 2% of human/creature couples bloom in the halls during these public punishments- go find the love of your life!


A variation of Treatment N.5, made for a very rare group of humans, with both female and male attributes, (80% of the time, with female breasts, and male penis). Both Treatment N.6 and N.7 take place in the same facility, as it’s basically the same treatment…what changes are the subjects.

Humans, in this case, need pauses for nutrition, while the Stimulators usually like to tease, and help increase humans’ fluid production when they get back to their stations.


As stated above, a variation of Treatment N.5. This process is not for humans: Anomalies, being self-powered, keep going for days.

NOTE: in this case, it’s interesting to see how this small group of Stimulators wanted to lend a hand. It happens from time to time. The machine is programmed to keep on going with its job though. But I’m sure the white gals don’t mind.

- #5

This wasn’t really a treatment…more like an emergency, at first, as the first creature that was found outside The Hive was brought back in and treated properly.

It’s for creatures that give in to their human side. Some are more prone to this than others.

The subjects are partially treated with human machinery from the 50’s military labs, bound upright, with Correctors providing them with particularly plasma-rich nutrients, destroying human cells and taking the subject back to a plasma based state.

The process consists on around a week (one has resisted for 2 months, but this is another story…) of constant penetration and tickling, that sometimes, based on how the subject resists, it might involve a Protrusion or two… The subjects are treated with as much love as humans are treated, to show The Hive wants your safety and your trust.

Correctors aren’t immune to the human influence of their subjects, and might get influenced in the process, using the subject for pleasure and taking advantage of the situation. It’s not unusual to see many Protrusions tickling what then becomes a victim for weeks…

The Management approves of this practices, as they improve the results of the treatment…and help the staff let off some steam and…release from time to time. The subjects will understand…

The treatments works, as you can see. The subjects turns back to its original state with the final load.

2015 - Interview


No. I mean, I do. Being half human, we show ourselves with female and/or male genitalia, but that doesn’t mean anything…if…we don’t give in to our human side…

I guess it’s easier for the humans to simply refer to us as females, or males, or both, ignoring the fact that sometimes we are genderless.


No need. We are not presumptuous. We had the ultimate demonstration of what humans need, and we don’t need to know anything else.

WHO IS #3?

#3 is the third copy, born by the First One. As it decided to scout the area outside the US facility that was now basically Species’ property, it got captured by a squad outside the lab. Not being The First One obviously meant it couldn’t put up with 10 SWAT agents. Their immediate hostility was obviously ignored, nothing can get over the Sole Purpose in our minds.

Unfortunately, nobody saw #3 ever again.


We kept on going. #3 was just one, and it was replaced. At least that’s what I know. The First One was, and I underline was, the only one important. After over 2 months of reproduction, The First One became the Hive itself, always there in time of need, but unnecessary in any other situation, as all the kinds of specialisations for feeding were born and were capable of reproducing themselves infinitely as long as there were…well…humans.


No, but I felt its presence.

I’ve been told it showed up in a very small and private section of The Hive, where he gave birth to the first Golden Protrusion.


The 0.00000000001% of the Species lives with humans:

This is a very delicate topic I’m sure you’ll understand, I can’t talk freely about it.

This extremely small percentage (around a hundred of them) has a good balance between the human and the plasma side, and demonstrate how The Hive needs a lot more work. They are our failures, as, I’m a bit ashamed to say, they have escaped Treatment n.5.


After escaping, these rather peculiar individuals formed cells in free-cities, places where they could live and their presence was…sort of accepted.


*cough* The Hive works day and night to answer this question…


We do all we can to make sure humans are treated properly. Everything in our power. You need to know nothing else.


I’m not going to answer this question…


- Behaviour is the first sign. Meaner, more selfish, more self-driven. They don’t stop acting based on the Sole Purpose, but they also think for themselves. They develop sexual tastes, and they’re more prone to living with humans.

- Physical changes kick in, like pupils.

- The color of the skin changes starting from their chest. Nipples develop. At the end of the process, their toes and fingertips are the last thing turning from their original color to the color of human skin, be it black or white.

- Their powers decrease temporarily, at least until they don’t get to a source of plasma.

- Nothing else is known about this Turning process, though my team is studying it closely, with the right precautions. As of now, we don’t have the right tools to deal with exactly all of the Turned subspecies. Workers are easy to deal with…Correctors are on a whole other level for example. Things get unorthodox with them…I have to get my hands dirty with the Protrusions most of the times. *blushes*

NOTE: recent discoveries show that the body parts that don’t belong to a human do not turn to human skin tone, so for example, the signature uh, you call them haircuts, right? Yeah. Our haircuts are organic. No cutting. But yeah, since you humans don’t have any of that, it’s genetically impossible for it to turn.

#3 is probably in worse conditions, but nobody knows where it is.


No. That’s because I can’t remember anything. A proof of how efficient Treatment n.5 is…I’m very proud to be the first subject.


DO YOU RELEASE PEOPLE IN THE HIVE? Nobody wants to leave. And quite honestly, if things weren’t this way, nobody would be able to leave anyway. Not humans, at least. As I said, some creatures left, but humans, hah, no, humans just can’t.

HOW MANY HUMANS ARE YOU HOLDING IN THE HIVE RIGHT NOW? Around 3.000 subjects. It’s been 50 years, and we’re taking things slowly. We don’t want anything to get out of hand.

SOME OF OUR INTEL CLEARLY SHOWS THAT TINY VERSIONS OF YOUR “WORKERS” EXIST. IS IT SOME SUB-RACE, OR JUST JUVENILES? Yes yes, those, I’m a bit ashamed to say, are the results of Treatment N. 11, back in the days. Long story short…I tried growth, and not gemmation. That was playing God a little bit, to be honest. 6 test subjects, 6 failures. 6 workers that now have the body of a 15-years-old human girl, more perverted than a Stimulator starved for a week. They had to be confined. The rest is classified, I’m sorry.

The Hive

This, is the story of a species. A very fortunate chain of events convinced me I might as well put up a little show for you. You know all those asparagirls I made? Green girls, followed by white girls (followed by that silver thing I didn’t care much about so let’s forget that)? Consider this a story, and you’ll be disappointed: this is more of an explanation. It was way longer than this, but I don’t want to give in all the details THE HIVE: 2015: the world has accepted the presence of this massive hive, in the middle of the desert, where all these creatures live. All that is very crucial to know about the Species up to now is: the only thing that really counts for the Species is its love towards the human kind: the Sole Purpose. This is because of a completely random event in an underground lab decades ago, in an US army underground facility during the 50’s. The whole point of this experiment was making brainless slaves, literally empty, so that human rights wouldn’t even apply. You know how it is…those expe As the 4 soldiers that burst into the room died in the explosion that night, the remaining scientists witnessing the birth of the new species misunderstood the true nature of The First One: they thought they were inferior to that new race, so they immediately tried to be peaceful. They weren’t exactly actors. They tried to smile, but their minds told them to do the exact opposite. All the specimen knew was its love towards the creator: as a blank card, The First One linked itself with these scientists, and imprinted what their brainwaves meant in its own mind: they felt joy, and excitement (for something literally unbelievable before their eyes) overwhelmed (by the chain of events), vulnerable and humiliated (in front of such power). “This…must be what they want” he thought, “and as they gave me life, I shall be what I need, too. I will live for them.” The first use it made of its human brain was conceiving new and more efficient ways to achieve its Sole Purpose, always, always keeping in mind the importance of human’s treatment. The newly born specimen closed all the doors in the lab with a simple look, and immediately started probing the scientists (2 men, 2 women) bodies to study them, and understand exactly what would originate the sensations, the emotions, the brainwaves it saw in its first moments of life. The Sole Purpose was all it lived for. The Sole Purpose is all it lives for. The Sole Purpose is all The Hive lives for. —— It’s a little story I came up with at 3AM yesterday, that I’d really like to see develop. I might start out with a Hive character someday in the future, or maybe one of those outcasts… Don’t want to sell out everything at the beginning. I’d like it to be a thing where people ask me questions about how this works, and I reply with drawings explaining the situation. I know it’s a little pretentious to ask for such thing, but it’s not the end of the world if it does not happen, ‘cause I still have a lot of ideas about this story that I’ll work on. Also, the story might change with the passing of time. Sometimes it’s just words, sometimes is concepts.

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