A couple of updates

There will not be a December 2019 pack.

It's a month of unplugging, festivities and mourning and generally taking deep breaths. As much as I could use an extra month of pay, I'm fairly burned out, and that's just what happens after more than 6 months or so...everyone needs a break.

On top of that, I feel like keeping the quality up meant a lot more effort in the past few months than it did, say, 6 months ago. I don't feel comfortable delivering sloppy work. To the patron who suggested a very old sketch of Korra and Asami to be finished, to whom I said I would do it for the next pack: I still will! It just won't happen in December, gotta wait an extra month...but it's happening.

Also, this weekend I'll be setting up the 4$ pledge for those only interested in animation!

Have a good one everybody.


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