Language gap

I wanted to draw something showing the language gap and how that adds an extra layer of helplessness. It was fun to explore

Aloy trapped

The text doesn't quite give the idea of what's going on, but the animation next month will :smirk:

Akemi up on show

From June 2019! Feels like yesterday damn. Check out more here

Gwen and Silk - part 2

I made a little animated sequel to this (Silk is still on top!) 2 years after making this one. Came out last month, find it on Patreon.

Bioshock Elizabeths - part 1

An idea I had a lot further in the past than 2019, but that only saw the light of day by then. Check out the rest of the little series...


Here you go! Commission-ish from May 2019. Check 2 years worth of content more on Patreon


He has to go out and be angry, well this is one way to do it.