13 pages - 2 pictures - 2 animations - 9.90$

This story is in cooperation with a writer that goes by the nickname of Ishiboo on, and it's about a medical examination on a one-man spaceship. Contains teasing, tickling and f/m. A few pages of writing, 2 pictures, and 2 animations.


Mirage and Helen Parr

8+1 pages - black and white

This comic is about Helen Parr, kidnapped by Mirage, from The Incredibles.

Contains tickling and some penetration.

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Velma short comic

5 pages - full color - 4.90$

Velma can't reach the gang, and goes all alone, somewhere she shouldn't go...

The comic is sfw, technically speaking. It has a big focus on feet, tickling, and pantyhose.


The Show

6 pages - 5 animations - full color

This comic is about a section of the Hive containing lots of femdom and tickling.
Since this comic has big files, I couldn't patch it up into a pdf, so the link redirects you to the online version.


Videl vs Caterpy

10 pages - full color

A comic about the classic Dragon Ball scene between Caterpy and Goku, except Videl is the one fighting. Videl is an adult. A pile of pixels...but an adult one.


Possibly in trouble

13 pages (?) - full color - price TBA

A comic about Kim Possible, captured by Sheego. It's still in the works.


looking for title :)

13+ pages - 4+ animations - full color - price TBA

Comic about Tony and Violet Parr (with Karen, aka Voyd, as Violet's flatmate) meeting up in college after a couple years of having grown apart one from the other.
The idea behind this comic is to depict teasing situation, caused by the most disinhibited habits. May sound cryptic but hopefully it makes sense once it's out.


The Signature

10 pages - black and white - 9.90$

A comic about Violet and Helen Parr. Contains lots of tickling, feet, itching powder, bdsm, and some nsfw.